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Chazzles , 04 Sep 2010

Help - how do i stop picking

does anybody have any advice on how to stop
3 Answers
September 04, 2010
HELP - i am 16 and i know that i have a skin picking problem, well i have not been told by a professional or anything but i know My mum keeps nagging me to stop which does not help she does not understand that she is not helping She keeps threatening to take me to the doctors which i would hate - would i be better to go to the doctors ? i am so annoyed with myself that i do it but i just can't stop. I even cry about it :'( I don't really know why i do it, i just do. If you know anything which help please let me know xx
September 05, 2010

In reply to by Chazzles

i know. I do it too. It sucks. I know that while I do it, I am enjoying it. It relieves my stress and makes me feel good when I get that junk out of my pores. I been fighting this disorder for awhile. The only thing that works for me is not looking at the mirror. Covering it up. I have a really small mirror that came with this lip gloss..which i use when i take out my contacts so i dont have to get close to the big mirror and look at my whole face. SOmetimes i put on makeup just using a compact. I will need to hold the compact mirror up to put on the makeup...SO i wont be able to pick cus I dont have a my hands free. So thats how a go without picking for a while. But if a get infront of a mirror and see the blemishes i start to pick them. COVER your Mirrors USE a compact to do your makeup SCHEDULE a facial for the end of OCtober..prepay for it. LET them do the pore cleaning for you. You can also try not eating sugar..I noticed on the days when i ate a lot of gets me cracky and i start to pick. I am less likely to pick if i just had grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. But for me changing my diet forever seems unrealistic. BEST OF LUCK
September 05, 2010

In reply to by Holly9458

Thank you Holly, i will use your idea of not looking in a mirror and not eating sugar. I am so glad that i have somebody to talk to about it. BEST OF LUCK to you aswell

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