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Holly9458 , 05 Sep 2010

once i start, i cant stop..what can I do instead?!

It's so terrible. Once I start, I just cant stop. I can never just pick a little. When I do it's for hours. Then I can go a week for so without. Then, I break down again. It sucks. I really want to start using Retin-A for my acne and as an anti-aging regime...but with my skin will just tear my skin apart. But I am determined to stop this habit. They say 12 months for the urge to go away completely. I just want nice skin...I could prolly get really nice skin if i just STOPPED picking and went for facials. But when i see little black heads i look and then pick just a few...then go crazy in the mirror for hours. ugh. I cant think of anything that would be a replacement for skin picking. It's just such a stress relief and so much fun when i get all that microscopic junk out of my pores. Has anyone found any alternative behaviors that they do instead? I want to STOP for good! Day 1 begans 2morrow.
2 Answers
September 05, 2010
i know how you feel, i am going to try to stop starting from tomorrow. I think it helps that i am are able to talk to other people who know how i feel and not feeling like i am the only person who does it. I have found that Bio Oil can help with scaring, if you put it on everyday. Maybe if you think you are going to start picking get up and walk around, go on the computer, play a game or talk to somebody. HOPE IT GOES WELL for you Holly x
September 05, 2010
you sound like me, i binge pick the kp on my arms, then can go about 4 days without picking its a ficious cycle isnt it. i carnt seem to resist the urge to pop the kertatin out my arms, its on my mind all time, my poor arms are scarred badly and they would be fine if i left them alone but i just carnt. when im feeling possitive about quiting i apply moisturiser instead of picking its nice to use sweet smelling body butters, i use the ones that smell like chocolate mmm. if you suffer from black heads i reccomend using st ives blemish control scrub its fantastic and also wrights coal tar soap it smells quite strong but it amazing.

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