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Chazzles , 05 Sep 2010

Is anybody from the UK

I am 16 years old and i was just wondering if anybody else is from the uk
12 Answers
September 09, 2010
your not too far away from me :) dont you just feel like your the only one for miles around that suffers with this!
September 10, 2010
Yeah i do, i felt so alone until i found this site Chazzles xx
September 13, 2010
I'm from Hampshire. Ever since I discovered this site I've been looking at people to see if there are other people in my town or even country that are like me. It's crazy that there's no information or help available and GP's are rubbish. Did any of you see the documentary on Channel 4 about Trichotillomania? I wanted to write to them and get them to report about skinpicking, but I'd be too scared to 'come out' myself.
January 06, 2011
Hi, I see these comments are from some time ago but I felt that I should add a comment. I am from the UK and I watched the documentary on Trichotillomania on 4OD tonight and suddenly felt that my skin picking was more than just a bad habbit and after about 15 years of doing it I decided to have a look on the internet and found this site and forum and I tell you what I feel so much better already! The fact that I can admit it to people without feeling ashamed makes me feel confident that I can put a stop to it.
January 18, 2011
I did try to make the UK aware of skin picking on 'Embarrassing bodies' as went to Maverick TV centre in Birmingham and was filmed talking about Dermatillomania and the short video was put to Channel 4 for their decision but after having a counselling session over the phone with Channel 4's counsellor, she decided I was not strong and stable enough to cope with any after show comments because she said people were very cruel and it would have not done me any good hearing that! Don't think any of us with this condition are strong or stable as this controls our lives. So annoying it is a condition no one seems to know about! xx
January 30, 2011

In reply to by maddykins

i have thought about doing something about that but the counsellor is right, its incredibly scary. but well done for doing what you did. what did they say in response, did they direct you to some help?
January 30, 2011
hey i am from brighton. been picking most of my life (about 38 years)

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