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Cohen , 08 Sep 2010

Relief for itchy scalp?

Hi All, I was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions for relieving scalp itch caused by picking? It started with my lip, around the time I was in preschool (I know this because I distinctly remember my stepmother at the time telling me that if I didn't stop, I'd bleed to death. Real nice to tell a four year old!) Anyway, every couple of years or so now, I add a new place to pick. It started with the lip, then moved to my scalp, then to my fingers and quiclkly to my feet after than. Now, I've added my neck/scalp area, just above my hair line (and I'm starting to dip below my hairline on to my neck too). This is different because the picking causes unbearable itching. I feel like I migh be able to ween myself off of my new "spot" if I could just control the itching. The picking damages the skin and, as the skin begins to heal, it itches. When it itches, it causes me to scratch, which in turn damages the skin (creating "rough spots" that make me pick more) which then leads to more itching. It's kinda driving me nuts. So, any suggestions?
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September 09, 2010
Hi There,scalp problems is added to my list of issues.I can suggest afew things for you to maybe try.Firstly I dont know what shampoos you use but try and alternate them,adding in something gentle like a baby shampoo and from time to time dandruff type shampoo,this will help your scalp as using the same shampoo all the time can have a build up effect on the hair and doesnt help the scalp.Oils,Im a huge fan of oils and I massage coconut oil into my scalp with afew drops of tea tree(tea tree is great for the scalp) added,I leave on for about an hour,or sometimes I sleep in it.Also apple cider vinegar hair rinse is great, 50/50 avc/water mix.I wouldnt over do these things,I do them about once a week.Sea buckthorn oil is another oil Im looking into and I have seen that Aveda do a scalp benefits shampoo containing sea buckthorn.Castor oil is fantastic for many things and its widely known to help hair,also its very cheap.I guess you can google all these oils and perhaps find methods to suit you ,or look at other oils.Good luck ,I hope you find something that helps you x

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