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cherrycolalola , 10 Sep 2010

what are your biggest triggers?

So lately my picking has slowed way down. I do it when I get out of the shower, or when putting on makeup. But sometimes something will set me off and I'll go into one of those "trances" for hours (the kind that leave you feeling dizzy with your hands shaking and you feel almost hung-over afterward). For me, its usually something to do with relationships (with my parents, or exes etc.) Especially with exes or people I am interested in romantically. I am so terrified of rejection and take it so personally when it happens that I will freak out and want to pick in order to not feel(because the feelings feel unbearable sometimes). Another trigger of mine is anything to do with sexuality that is inappropriate. I have some issues with abuse and certain things will just set me off. I would be interested in finding out what causes all of us to pick the most, I would guess we all share some similarities.
2 Answers
September 11, 2010
My problem is lip and cheek biting... ouch. I've noticed I do it more when I am either concentrating or just relaxing. Like, when watching TV, or when reading, studying and on the computer (right now I'm gnawing away). Hmm... I quit smoking three years ago, and went to chewing nicotine gum instead. I smoked more at the same times. I've always been a biter, though, even when smoking. Still, maybe they have something to do with one another. Stress doesn't seem to be a factor for me, though. It's just a commonplace thing I do, regardless.
September 15, 2010
my biggest triggers used to be church and school now that i moved out of my house and am at a university, i find i pick most when im meeting new people and in uncomfortable situations.

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