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hsc , 12 Sep 2010

Torontonian with severe eczema and compulsive skin-picking

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and to this site. I'm 31 now and I've been picking my skin since I was a teenager. I've made a commitment to myself to get better. I scratch my skin when I'm stressed, when I'm nervous, even when I'm deep in thought. i'm amazed that there's a group out here who's dedicated to this issue!! I'm beginning some cognitive behavioural therapy, and have been told that I should use an alternate action or gesture to replace existing desire to scratch. I need something that's portable and easy to carry, preferbly something that I have with me all the time (like my arm and my fingernails!!) Any recommendations??
1 Answer
September 16, 2010
Is there a connection at all to AD/HD (ADHD, ADD) and compulsive skin picking? If so, does treating the former reduce effectively the latter?

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