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MsBlueSky , 12 Sep 2010

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Hey guys, I've been battling generalized anxiety for as long as I can remember, and it has most recently reared its head through skin picking. My legs and under arms are covered with scars, scabs, and bruises. I want to stop so badly, but at the same time I'm scared to death at the thought of giving it up because of its release effect it has. Its nice to know that I'm not the only one who suffers through this. I want to stop this now before it gets to the point where my skin is beyond repair. I go to counceling about once a week, and I see a psychiatrist that has prescribed me meds to help (though im a little cynical about their effectiveness). What kinds of treatments have you all tried/are trying, and what has worked/failed? Also, support is always welcome. I'd love to keep in touch with others in the same boat. I'm a first-year college student in the southeast of the US, and can't wait to be free from this harmful habit! Regards, MsBlueSky []

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