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dmt8 , 22 Sep 2010

Newbie...Foot Picker

Gee, I didn't realize how many people had problems with picking skin. Does anybody here pick at their feet? I just joined. I'm a foot-picker and have been since I've been an adult and moved out of my mom & dad's to live with my older sister...that was about 23-1/2 yrs. ago. I'm 44 yrs. old now. My problem started one day when for whatever reason I decided to start picking the callous off of the bottom of my feet. I don't pick at the tops of my feet...only the toe nails. What started on the heal has lead to the rest of my feet. When I walk, I don't always pick up my feet and so, I tend to scrape them whenever I'm barefooted or have socks on. Then I end up having skin scraped up my feet to where I take a fingernail clippers and clip them &/or I pull the skin till it bleeds or somehow just comes off without bleeding. OUCH! I also pick at my toe nails. Both of my pinky toes have had the toe nails picked off of them. OUCH! My sister gets mad 'cause I leave pieces of skin all over the place wherever I sit...carpet & in between the couch/chair cushions. She keeps telling me to stop and I've tried but it's NOT easy. My mom gets mad at me and reminds me many times how important it is to take care of my feet. She's diabetic and takes great care of her feet. I've been a diabetic within the past 5 yrs. My doctor has NO idea about my problem and if he did, he'd have a BIG fit. I have no idea what he'd have in mind for me to do about my problem but whatever it is, there's no way I can afford special treatments & possibly a therapist. So, this is something I've had to deal with on my own. During the last few days, I'd been thinking about checking the internet for forums &/or a groups that deals with skin pickings and I found this forum. I'm a crafter and I like to do my plastic canvas needlework or do something while watching TV or listening to music. I've gotta have something in my hands to keep me busy. Many times, I stop what I'm doing and just pick at my feet. I've got scissors to clip at the dead &/or loose skin with. Parts of my feet have been bloody many times. I've had big & little band aids on them. I've taped gauze pads on them. I've soaked my feet many times in epsom salt water & other kinds of stuff. I've used a pumas stone & ped egg along with fingernail files to file down the skin in hopes of making it flat with the foot. I've used creams, lotions, & medicated ointments/creams. I've put maxi pads in my shoes off & on to help cushion them. I hurt at times whenever I walk. When I had my cook's job at our small-town cafe, I somehow managed to get through the few hours of work with sore feet. I'm not a constant foot-picker. I do have moments when I've done really good and left them alone for awhile. Then whenever I see scraped feet or something will trigger me back to picking again. The longest I've kept my feet in good condition was when I saw a foot reflexologist on a regular basis...usually about once a month. When I stopped seeing her, I eventually went back to foot picking again. I'm back at it again. Summertime is pretty much over with and so, I'll be wearing my velcro tennis shoes a lot more. I wear them most of the time around the house 'cause of my back & flat feet. Any suggestions about what's best for healing my feet would be appreciated. I need info that doesn't require going to a doctor.
1 Answer
September 24, 2010
Talking about it is usually is very good start to get the healing process started. Since none (or few) of us actually have a medical problem, we have to heal our minds instead. Keep posting, keep reading, keep replying - that way you are not alone and you'll have the support of people who REALLY understand what you're going through. ...................... I don't pick my feet, but I did a bit at a time. I once had a wart on the sole of my foot and I picked at it so the the edges came loose. I kept going and going for about two weeks until the whole thing came off! That was weird and cool and satisfying.

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