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SevenTwoEight , 24 Sep 2010

New Hope

So im in my mid twenties and have been picking at my skin since I was at least 10 years old. Its kind of crazy to think its been that long. I mainly pick at my chest because thats where I get the break outs. There is something about a zit or even a bump that makes me want to get it out from under my skin. Its gross but I take pleasure/relief in it. More often than not I get in that trance like state where I want to stop and I know im picking but before you I know it an hour has passed by and my skin is mangled. I thought i had it bad. Finding this website made me feel so much better. Reading thru the entries made me realize im not alone. In fact I can relate to almost everyone. This might sound bad but some people are in a worse state than me. The fact that they post their stories and pointers and stay strong makes me feel like i can stop altogether one day. Over the last i would say 3 years I have made some strides. One thing is I finally told someone what I was going thru and even cried. Yeah it sounds weanie but it definitly helped. Another is I started eating a little better and working out. This brought my stress down and made my skin look a little better. And the big one was saying fuck the world and taking my shirt off in public which is huge because I am very very self concious. Thank you to everyone who has posted every story helps. Finding this forum gave me a new hope.

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