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Dancingpopes , 06 Oct 2010

Major skin infection from dirty tweezers/pins?

I almost NEVER sterilize the pins, tacks, needles, nails, etc that I dig with. Heck, I will even pick up a safety pin from my bathroom floor (I hate cleaning and live alone so I don't wash he floors often at all.  Well, I DO use water and toilet paper to rub off any rust on the tip of the pin.)  Last week tho I got a bottle of hydrogen peroxide n now I DO make an effort to dip things in there before I pick.  Has anyone ever had a REALLY bad blood infection from their pins? Mine get infected, but then bandaids help to heal them (after I've repeatedly picked off the scabs. I also go to bed at night with my face COVERED in bandaids. It's just always been a fear that I'm going to get blood poisoning, the flesh eating bacteria, ect. From the dirty utensils. But...ironically, when I'm shredding my face with these probably very contaminated things... I don't care if they're safe or not. It just doesn't matter if I get a serious infection. This is, I guess, where my clinical depression and OCD meet. It's almost like I WANT to get a serious infection, it won't matter to anyone. My brain feels like it's saying, BRING IT ON, it's no big deal, so what, I don't care. If I get really sick from plunging a rusty pin an inch into my face, so be it. Anyway, I just want to know if it happened to anyone. And...does anyone ever feel like it's not REALLY you destroying your face? I was thinking of asking a well-known respected medium/psychic friend of mine if some dark entity had attached itself to me in the last few months since my picking has skyrocketed in that time. It's like there is a gremlin telling me to DIG DIG GET IT OUT YOU CAN DO IT JUST DIG DEEPER AND WIPE AWAY THE BLOOD YOU MUST GET THAT HAIR!!! IF YOU DON'T IT'S JUST GOING TO SIT IN THE HOLE AND GET INFECTED REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU DIG IT OUT!! And my mind agrees--it's better to dig as deep as I have to to get underneath the folical and force it up and out so the hole can heal than to give up now and have the hair continue to grow and keep repeatedly infecting until it grows long enough for the tweezers to reach it.
2 Answers
September 13, 2011
You have a serious bacterial infection. Consult with your doctor. Some medication really help to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. For Cefixime medication is a cephalosporin-type antibiotic, which works by stopping the growth of the bacteria in your body. It helps to cure middle ear infections, skin infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, and gonorrhea. You can buy Cefixime online at
December 31, 2010
I have had MRSA before, but not from was from a spider bite. It gave me a fever of 103 degrees and it's extremely painful. It was on my arm and I couldn't even move my arm. I was on several antibiotics to get rid of it. I have gotten a staph infection on my face before from picking. It wasn't as painful, but spread very easily. If you are going to pick, please make sure you clean your tools with antibacterial soap or alcohol, wash your hands afterwards, and don't reuse towels. But honestly, if we don't want infections, we need to stop picking, but I know this is easier said than done. Hope the best for ya!

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