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wanttostop , 08 Oct 2010

its time to stop... Need help

I have been picking my right thumb and only my bottom lipfor as long as I can remember. I am 34 and I estimate i have been thumb picking for 25 years. Typing that just embarrases me. The lip I catch myself doing it and it does not happen nearly as often. I will pick it until it bleeds and then stop. My thumb though is the problem. I pick it all the time at work, home, in the shower, driving, etc. Its always the same very small area of picking. it rarely bleeds now do to years of picking in same spot. I see what my brain calls "new skin" its white and under a small layer and my brain wants it off at all times. in shower its terrible as the water gets to it the "new skin" comes off so easily. It feels good to me never painful, and I do it all the time. I am ready to try and stop. I am away from my family for 6 more weeks for work and would like to come home with a non ugly thumb. Can anyone help? Give me suggestions...

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