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picker_rn , 08 Oct 2010

Oil Cleansing Method

I am going to start OCM tonight. I tried it once before, but wasn't really commited to it. I just bought a 24 pack of white washcloths at Costco, and I plan to use those strictly for MY face. I am going to commit to taking 15 min out of my evening to pamper the skin on my face and throat. I think the thing that the reason I didn't stick to it last time was because I couldn't get over the fact that I wouldn't be "washing" my face in the shower in the morning. Well, a couple weeks ago I stopped washing my face with anything except for water, and I haven't noticed any increase in zits or oiliness. My skin hasn't cleared at all either, so adding the OCM to my regimen should help my skin be healthier. Anyone else doing OCM?

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