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amberc922 , 11 Oct 2010

Can't stand when my skin is rough.

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I discovered this site by doing a search for OCD and then skin picking compulsions. I have been told by my family doctor that it is an OCD issue with me. I just can't stop. Some times I don't have but maybe one or two scabs. Then there are times like right now where I absolutely can't STOP! All it takes is running my hand down my arm or touching my face and if I feel an imperfection I HAVE to smooth it out. Does anyone else feel this way? I know it leaves scars and looks horrible but I can't stop. Thank goodness I don't have a bleeding disorder or I would have bled to death by now lol. I am on depression medication because I have mild depression and anxiety to where I can't sleep very well because my brain won't rest. I read another post asking about waking up at night picking. I have woke myself up from picking in my sleep! Or I will wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and I can't go back to sleep until my skin feels smooth. I use to be the same way with my fingernails and biting and picking them. I can change that brain wave whenever I want though. I hate getting my nails done at places because it gets expensive and damages your natural nails. So I will just decide ok I want to grow my nails and I do no problem. But when they are short and I have been picking them I get horrible hang nails that I HAVE to pick because they brush up against something or I'm bored. Then my fingers get sore and hurt and bleed. That is no fun. So you may ask if you can grow your nails whenever you want and not bother them why can't you stop picking every little imperfection? I just don't know. I know I'm 25 but I color. Go ahead and laugh but it is relaxing to me and keeps my hands busy so I don't eat and pick when I'm bored. So it works but I can't color 24 hours aday lol. My recent bout of picking has been since I had surgery on my foot. I don't know if there is something with the pain medicine and my depression meds that is causing the anxitey to intensify or what but I'm driving myself crazy! Amber
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October 12, 2010
hey I know how you feel, I was so happy to find this website, the forum gives me strength...I usually reply to a least one topic a night....Some are so heartbreaking and I can totally realate to most of them...I am a arm picker..Its terrible because I want the beautiful skin I had before I started this picking..l know it will never be the seems like when I wanna pick its like the sinero goes through the back of my mind and before iknow it I am picking at myself....sorry to go on about me, i had a small episode tonight and its the first time since i found the sight that i picked at more than one or two a day...I sit in the dark a lot of the time to watch tv or use the computer...when i go in the restroom i dont look at the mirror...and I threw away my maginafier mirror...i also use the scar zone skin cream....massage the scar tissue an it helps too...and blot off your skin after showers and don't rub with towel...I hope maybe some of these tips help and oh yeah SUNSCREEN is the most important thing...i like the coppertone waterbabies never makes me break out,,in fact i wore it everyday for like 2 years and i wansnt picking at the time and my skin looked of luck to you....

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