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will_power , 12 Oct 2010

stopped picking for 1 month - rubber band method?

Hi everyone - I'm new here. I managed to stop picking my face for about a month, and it felt wonderful. I did it by putting a rubber band on my wrist, and whenever I realized I was picking at my skin, I'd snap the rubber band. Silly and old fashioned, I know, but it helped me become more mindful of what I was doing, and after a while the rubber band was merely a reminder to keep my hands off my face. I find that mindfulness practices (mindfulness meditation or other techniques) are extremely helpful for many types of bad habits, because we are often barely aware that we are doing them. I started picking again a couple weeks ago due to high stress, but I've put my rubber band back on and I'm going to try again. If I can stop for a month, I can stop for longer, right? Try not to give up if you have a setback. Those happen. It doesn't mean you've failed! In the meantime, I'm meeting a guy tomorrow and I feel totally, horrifically ugly right now....why does this happen at the worst times?! The worst part is the pain when spots get swollen or irritated. It's like a constant reminder. Anyways, keep on tryin'! -J
2 Answers
January 06, 2011
i'm definitely going to try this to help me remember to stay mindful, thanks for sharing!
January 07, 2011
I am going to try this, anything that will help me stop me disfiguring myself like this!

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