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cyanosity , 13 Oct 2010

Any teens here?

Hey, my name's Izzy. I'm 15, and have been picking and pulling since I was about 5 or 6. I'm currently in therapy, but I'm trying to find a support group of people my age. If any of you are interested, give me a holler or something.
6 Answers
October 17, 2010
hi my names Nissa. I'm 16, and have been picking since i was 5. I've talked to a few people on this site but never really any close in age to me. if you'd like you could email me or aim me sotogirl94.
October 20, 2010
Well, I'm not a teenager, but I'm 20, fixing to turn 21. I've also been picking since I was VERY young just about your age, and just now tonight found out that there was actually a name for it and people that actually suffer from this too.
December 17, 2010
I'm 14 and ive been picking since I can remember. I don't know anybody else my age who is a dermatillomaniac. I'm embarrassed to tell my friends. My family knows and they make fun of me for it :(
December 17, 2010
hi, im just 17 and ive been picking since i was 9. im shoked that this is actually a medical condition and that there are others like me! i want to understand why i do it and how i can stop... its so unsightly and im scared people will notice! :(

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