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Jonathan , 16 Oct 2010

Hi :) New here

Hello all! I've just joined this forum as a step to overcoming dermatillomania. I've been picking at the skin on my back, chest and upper arms for about 6 years - I'm 21 one now. I pick at spots and scabs... My upper body is covered in small bright white scars which I am extremely self conscious of! I am very secretive about what I do, and to my knowledge know ones about my condition. I occasionally see people of my age with similiar scarring and wonder if they're in the same boat as me. I've recently overcome my shyness and the self esteem problems that have plagued me for most of my life - I know my condition must stem from these issues. However, I can't seem to stop picking and its really bringing me down. I have an athletic build but can't take pride in my appearance because of the scarring. My skin is pale and the scars are sort of camouflaged but up close they're very visible. I'm scared of relationships because I know that I'll have to reveal the damage I've done myself and then might not be accepted. I'm not sure how other people view scars... Well, that’s about all I want to say about me for the time being. Just needed to finally reveal my secret. Thanks to anyone that has read this!
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