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pugmama3 , 19 Oct 2010

picking since age 3. 52 years

Just found this site by accident yet maybe it was meant to be! I have been picking since I was a very young child and have not been able to stop for any length of time. I rarely go one day without picking. I am also a recovering alcoholic of 32 years and a recovering compulsive gambler. Up until 3 years ago I struggled with depression. I have been diagnosed with OCD and as I have learned from my own involvlment in gambling treatment, I have an impulse control disorder. All that being said, I would so love to be able to stop this behavior because: A. It looks ugly to have fresh picked scabs on my arms, legs and sometimes face (one on my chin I have been picking for 2 years!) 2. I have done alot of work on self-esteem and though I have definately gotten healthier in that are, picking has make me feel out of control and angry with myself. 3.After all these years of picking, to be able to stop would give me such a sense of freedom from this addiction!

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