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aagje , 21 Oct 2010

I have found a solution for my scap picking (for me at least)

I rub glue.. regular safe glue that kids use in school..Just be sure it's skin friendly. all over my arm. and just pick that off when its dried. Preferable with a tweezer. i get exactly the same high from it. and It's pain free.... meanwhile my wounds can heal so that I can't even pick them any more when they are healed. Don't know if this works for you but for me it really does! I'm so happy
3 Answers
October 21, 2010
They also have these... peal off face masks! They are kinda glue like and even smell like it. they do the job too. Try it. Just use this method when you are really stressed and about to pick ur scabs
November 26, 2010
well fuck all of you :) im totally cleared now of scabs :)

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