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Stormyseas1970 , 25 Oct 2010

This is scary....STAPH

I now have a STAPH infection in my body from my picking - they have gotten badly infected and now I have lumps under my armpits, groin, etc. There has GOT to be an end to this for us people...I am so sore ALL over and was prescribed BACTRIM, I only showed ONE of my pick areas but they are all infected. I am stopping TODAY. My breasts hurt, my abdomen hurts as well as my armpit area. Actually my whole body aches and I feel lethargicy. I have a lump in my armpit and groin. I have clear to yellow pusy looking substance that is just OOZING out of these areas that I now have covered, so today I am going to disinfect everything I can find. I am so disappointed in myself as I have a 10 year old daughter now that I am putting at risk as well as my family and friends due to my picking obession/illness. This is a WAKE up call from HELL to say the least....Of course, I told NO ONE as that would make me have to tell them HOW I got it, secret is going to remain that and END TODAY SAYS THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :o(
5 Answers
October 25, 2010
Not only are the above indication but severe itching...Keep the wounds clean with hot salt water and COVER them!!!!!!!!! Untreated staph infection can result in death. PLEASE if you have any of this, GO TO THE DOCTOR - get antibiotics for GOD'S SAKE. I am so upset about all this, as you can see.
October 25, 2010
Your entire body always has staph covering it and it's not that hard to get it when you have open sores. If you're a skin picker, def use bandages and neosporin when you pick deep.
November 02, 2010
I have MRSA staph infection. I have been a picker for awhile, not sure exactly when it started. I notice it more and more though and it's causing scars/worse acne, etc. And of course now, with MRSA it can cause very bad infections. I didn't even know this was a disorder or that there were other people like me...I just thought there was something wrong with me, especially since I realized there was a problem but couldn't stop it. I am so glad I decided to search the web and found this website! Anyhow, yes, since getting staph I have been even more driven to find a way to stop my behavior and I wish you the best as well!

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