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Stormyseas1970 , 26 Oct 2010

Who all eats their product?

I do. Skin, whatever - EXCEPT any vag crap - ewwwww.
2 Answers
October 29, 2010
I have, on increasingly rare occasions. Coming from the OCD perspective, I recognize skin picking to be an over-grooming ritual. Similiarly, monkeys and apes engage throughout the day in their ritual of pulling (picking) lice and other pests out from each other's fur. Are we not mammals? We are 'nit-pickers' too! incidentally, if u have ever seen the primates on film, sitting down together for one of these kindred grooming soon as they pick a louse..*poP!...into the mouth goes that ripe 'ole tiny lump-o- protein !
j david
November 05, 2010
i like smelling ''my product'' from popped zits, whiteheads, armpits, toilet paper after i wipe, theres some primal and calming property to smelling for me. i also really like smelling my fingers.

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