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purpleemay , 30 Oct 2010

Coming to terms with this new found habitual condition.

I have subconciously known that I pick scabs for a while now. I can not pin point the exact time when it all started, however looking at everything now, I notice I pick more when I am under stress. I really don't know why I do it, my family have begun to notice this behavior and encourage me not to do it, but I can't resist it. I pick the spots on my fore-head and they then form scabs and the cycle goes on. When I pick I think I feel more comforted and relaxed. I had no idea that this abnormal behavior was a form of self-harm. But now understanding and realising what I am doing, I desperatly need to learn how to stop. No other teenager has mottled skin as mine. I am creating dense scar tissue on my face and leg and as much as I hate to say it, I need help. I don't know where to look first.
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November 02, 2010
This forum has helped me immensely..I still pick, however, am comforted knowing that there are people who truly understand, and so far, there has not been any unpleasant responses, or embarrassing replies from my posts, or even throughout the entire forum. I have no regrets chatting in great detail about what I have done to my face. I have finally started counseling. If this doesn't work, my psychiatrist wants to send me to MGH in Boston, or Maclein Center in Boston. In the meantime, sift through the many stories and experiences here, and that will be a GREAT start! Keep us posted!

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