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whoslinefan , 31 Oct 2010

Finally found what's wrong

I'm 21 and I believe I've been face picking for many years. I mainly scratch all ovr my face until it's smooth. I have dry skin and it peels or seems obvious that my face needs to be smooth. I do it in bed and willpower doesn't help. My mother harrasses me about it. "you're hurting your skin." The only time I know it's wrong is when my skin is red, feels raw, and at dinner where my mother looks at me, points to my forehead and gives me terrifying bad looks and rude comments that stick into my mind forever. I don't know if I truly want to stop picking. I just my mother to leave me alone. I can't move out because of mental reasons. Maybe having her stop her horrifying looks might help. I've been giving face wash to help with dryness and vasoline. When there's a cream or lotion that has a texture on my face, it helps me not to scratch. I'm finally glad I have bangs with my short hair so I can hide the sores and redness on my forehead. Help would be nice. I'll see if there is a 12 step program for this.

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