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Picknick , 04 Nov 2010

Picking with Tools

Hello: I cannot believe I just found this site and that there are other people who are doing this, more than I expected at least. I have always picked at scabs and minor blemishes my entire life. But after a bad fall where I was severely injured I have started picking more and more. I feel like my life is out of control because I cannot exercise, cannot move freely, am in pain all of the time, and I feel like my life is over sometimes. I am walking barefoot a lot more - I live in Florida - for balance issues. It is easier to balance in my bare feet. As a result I am getting dried out feet with deep cracks in them. I cannot stand the cracks. I sand my feet down with rubber sponge type sanders that I buy at Home Depot, little 4" x 3" x 2" wide black foam sanders. Then I graduated to a type of foot sander that resembles a fine cheese grater. But I cannot get those cracks out so now I am using a razor blade to carve the edges of the cracks down and in the process decided to go further and I actually debride the entire top layers of my skin off on my heels. Sometimes I tear out cuticles and the corners of my toes where the skin is thick. I know that it is getting worse. Does anyone know if there is medication? Or do we just take antidepressants? I feel so much relief when I am done and the ugly thick dirty skin is gone. Only people here at this forum will probably understand this. I appreciate all of you listening via reading and letting me write about it.
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November 10, 2010
Ahhh yes, "my tool kit" I have my special tweezers, creams, and bandages all hidden in my "secret container" Your not alone here my friend..
December 30, 2010
Tweezers, nail clippers, scissors, long nails... we all have our tools. But if you're really looking to stop (or at least reduce) picking, I'd suggest something more natural rather than turning to medication. Try talking to a counselor, getting pedicures (yes even if you're a guy), wearing socks, putting lotion on your feet, etc. All natural is the better way to go, those medications can really mess up your personality :-/
December 31, 2010

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Some of the things I have tried to help...i use cotton pads and Q-tips to wash my face, apply creams, and put on make-up so that I don't feel the roughness or bumps on my face. I also use clear soaps so that it doesn't chunk up on the rough spots of my skin. I've read from some people on here to stand back from the mirror some, but that takes a lot of will power, which is hard for me. I also threw away the tweezers today, which is progress, but that's not to say that I won't break down and buy new ones. So far, that's all I've found to help. Someone told me to try chewing gum while I'm washing my face, which I haven't tried yet because your mouth/face is moving too much to try to pick. Anyone have any other suggestions?
December 31, 2010
WOW - THANK YOU FOR SHARING SO MUCH EVERYONE. The other problem I have is that I endanger my life sometimes because I will actually pick my feet while I am DRIVING. Yes, driving. I will drive with my left foot managing the gas and brake (I am right-footed driver like most people) while I pick my right foot with a cuticle trimmer (little gouging tool that is a blessing to people who pick). Next, this is gross, but do you pile your picked skin in little piles? This is what I do: Save it in little piles. The bigger the pile then the larger my satisfaction. Then I throw it all away at once. Also, God forbid that I get a sore on my foot because it becomes a monster sore because I cannot not pick it. AND, I pick the people around me! In fact, I cannot NOT pick them sometimes. I do a lot of dog fostering and rescue and right now I have a French bulldog that has demodex mange and he gets little sores and I even pick his sores! (I know that might be a little yucky but he gets dry little spots and I scrape the little dry spots off.) I am taking Wellbutrin because my doctor thought it would help but I swear, folks, that it is making it worse. I am picking more than I ever have. Anyone else think that antidepressants make the picking worse? I know that I pick when I am worried or distressed, also. And here's another one: When I pick my feet I know that the next day the pain in my feet will be so bad that it is hard to walk around, even barefoot. Why do I do it to the extent I have bloody and painful feet? Because in June I was in a grocery store and they let a tub of water leak all over the floor and I slipped and fell in it and now I have a badly damaged back, need surgery, and I am in pain all of the time...but when my feet hurt more than my back then I kind of forget about the pain in my back. Anyway, I'm really tired but thought I'd add something. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.
December 31, 2010

In reply to by Picknick

Yea, I think this disorder makes everyone really wears you out. You're not the only one that wants to pick at someone else. When my boyfriend has a pimple, I so want to pop it, but I resist because I know he'll think it's totally gross. I used to pick my face while driving also, but now I just put make-up on before I leave and because I spend so much time putting make-up on, I think "don't touch it or you'll mess up the make-up" So, that has kept me from picking while Im driving. mirrors are the worst at showing flaws. Keep up the good work with rescuing and fostering...animals can be so therapeutic. I, too, used to rescue feral kittens, tame them down, then adopt them was so rewarding. Take care!
January 01, 2011
I've always used different 'tools' to help me pick. At first it was relatively harmless things like my long fingernails, tweezers and those evil devices designed to remove blackheads, but which I have discovered can remove layers of skin. I'm a little worried about the tools I have adopted recently though - razors on my feet, and sewing pins and needles to open pores so I can squeeze more out of pimples and bumps. I keep throwing them away, but then caving and buying new ones. The damage to my skin is so awful. Because I push deep into my skin with the needles and cause the layers beneath to bleed, I am covered in large yellow bruises. I desperately want to stop, and am on anti-depressants and in therapy, but its such a difficult cycle to break free of. On a more positive note, manicures and pedicures really have helped me!! I dont pick my hands and feet nearly as much any more, and I got the beautician to file my nails very short, which means I'm not able to pick absentmindedly with my hands.

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