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mrslion06 , 07 Nov 2010

my poor feet

i have always been a picker but recently it has gone to a whole new level. i used to pick my face but never to an extent that it was a real problem. lately i have been picking my feet to the point that i cant even walk. i am finally ready to admit that i have a problem and address it. i am hoping my joining this website and talking to others in my situation will help me to stop. knowing there are other people who pick like i do makes me feel better for sure. for the first time i had to go to the doctor because my feet got infected from picking so much. she wasnt too concerned about it because as far as she knows it isnt a chronic problem for me. (little does she know) so im taking anitbiotics and she gave me ointment to put on my feet. they are so so so painful. every step i take is just so painful!! im tired of my feet hurting so much and i truely want to stop picking but i LIKE to do it! im sure many of you can relate to that! its so sick to admit that i ENJOY picking my skin until i bleed and cant walk! please tell me you feel the same way....anyone want to buddy up with me and help eachother stop picking??

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