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imapicker , 09 Nov 2010

bff's ?

This may sound SO CORNY but oh well...i just wanted everyone on this forum 2 know that by reading your personal stories and experiences, it has been the best treatment and therapy that i could have imagined. Once i read the detailed well written experiences shared by so many people, Ii have made great progress in acknowledging and accepting my face picking habits. Never in a million years would i even think about describing what my skin looks like after i had been picking, squeezing, and tweezing. i cant believe that others admit to having "their tools"and being honest when describing what they endure during the HOURS spent in the bathroom mirror. i would literally feel like i was gonna vomit when i saw how many bloody towels i used to stop the bleeding. Even when i got the bleeding to stop, my skin was so irritated that it only increased the swelling within the pores, and i would attempt to pick away at the raised areas to "get rid of" whatever was contained in those areas. Now tell me where else you can describe in detail what you experience both emotionally and physically? i am a firm advocate for this website, and am truly grateful for the ones who had the creative brainstorm to start this forum. I feel like i had new family and friends here who thankfully, understand.Thank you everybody!!! Anyone else feel as strongly as i doM Please share......

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