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Shep , 12 Nov 2010

Picked patch of skin off face

Hello was wondering if anyone could help me. I've always been a compulsive face picker and recently I've had a scab on my face which I kept picking and picking until eventually it has left a small patch of raw skin on my face. I've literally managed to take the whole layer of the skin off. This is obviously a problem and I just wondered whether there is anyway I can treat this so the skin grows back or is it going to be like this permanently? Will it heal on it's own? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
4 Answers
November 12, 2010
I'va been in your situation many a time and know how stressed you must feel. Please read my reply to 'homemade facial mask' as i've only been doing it for a week or so, but it's the most rapidly healing thing I've ever tried (honey and aspirin by the way) and as a 20years+ picker, I have tried everything. I have reduced my picking because the results were so inspiring and I now only let myself pick off dead flaky skin. I had some huge dark scars on my face from doing as you describe and thought they would be there forever but they are fading already and areas which had been swollen (infected I assume) that wouldn't heal for months have finally given up and are disappearing. I hope this helps you.Good luck.
November 16, 2010
Hi Guys..SOOO encouraging 2 hear about the positive results with the homemade facial mask! I bet you wouldnt have guessed I posted it! lol! I had only heard about it on you tube. Before I found vthis website, I literally searched under "face picking" on You tube, andv found vthe homemade mask there, but never tried it..Guess what? Im heading to the 24 hr cvs now to get the ingredients because, just when I thought I couldnt be MORE DESPERATE, I was searching this forum franticly, when a post caught my eye tonite.... (That would be your post Shep! :) Thank God because somehow within the past 3 days, I have 3 huge "holes/gauges" in my face, and this is the worst my face has ever looked..I cant even believe that only 4 months ago, I was embarrassed because of a few scars, and ONE circle bandaid that just ended up becoming part of my face. Anyways, I am gonna try the mask tonite, and for the next few days, and keep you all posted. Hmmmmm NOW to try to explain why I'm off to CVS now, (being after 11:00pm) I also have been trying to figure out what the hell it is that I'm yanking out from under my skin. Sounds nasty, I know, but I think its almost as if there are...(Oh GOD, cant believe I'm saying this), but its like warts or something. Its not just like a zit that I feel the need to so desperately get rid of, but its like deep rooted rubbery warts. EEEWWWWW! This may explain the need to keep ripping my skin apart with tweezers. I've already bypassed some excruciating nerve pain.. But I'm gonna see if I can find out anything relating to warts, or other rubbery type skin below the surface. Its pretty deep before I'm able to get whatever it is out, and there are actually small flaps of skin arounf the wound edges of my face... Oh my God, I felt like I was just in a f****** trance with all the blood dripping down my face, hands and arm. Anyone else with finding something similar under the skin surface, that "JUST HAD TO COME OUT??
November 24, 2010

In reply to by imapicker

Oooohhhh yeah. I know what you're talking about. I've seen similar posts on this topic when they talk about little spikey things or "plugs" being pulled out of their skin. I don't know if it is scar tissue or coagulated ointment or whatever, but I do know that they itch and cause lumps and bumps that I "must" get rid of. This is why I've got one or two places on my face/neck that won't heal. I keep pulling stuff out of the wound which will bleed for awhile and then heal relatively well...unless the bump comes back. Most often times those things do come back which leads me to think it must be some weird type of scar tissue. They are usually firm or hard and sometimes clear, other times an opaque white. Yuck. If they would stop growing back, I think I could leave the spot alone long enough to let it heal. I have done that with some places on my face, but now the result is some painful, itchy, visible keloid scars that my dermatologist has been injecting to try to shrink them. So far, not much luck. It all just drives me crazy! Sometimes I just want to claw those lumpy, bumpy, itchy, red places right off my face! (Hence, my screen name Aargh!) I feel your pain, friend. Literally.
February 28, 2016

In reply to by imapicker

Hey there imapicker, i know it was 2010 when you posted this comment but I've recently been a face skin picker for about a year now resulting with the EXACT same outcome you described.Ive dug so deep I've ripped out those little whit plugs, fat tissue, nerve ending (OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW) all to the point of leaving bleeding, deep open wounds, biggest has probably been dime sized and yes I've worn those circle bandaids too. I was reading your post and was like "did I type this" haha but anyway I'm not sure if you're still a member on skin pick, I just became one a couple months ago. I wanted to see how you were doing, hoping that you've overcome this uncontrollable, debilitating disorder? Did you try making the mask they suggested? I'm going to try and find the mask recipe but if you could point me in the direction that'd be great. Thanks! God bless and heal you.

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