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bloodyfingers , 16 Nov 2010

Picking waaay too deep

So today I was having a really bad day as far as picking goes and picked my thumb to the muscle. It was gushing blood long before that point but I just couldn't stop and because I have nerve damage the part of me that should say "too much" wasn't there. This is really freaking me out. I talked to my therapist today and she suggested digging into my past because she thinks my childhood of physical/emotional/sexual abuse makes me do this to myself. It's just starting to stop bleeding after a few hours now and I should probably see my doctor about it but it's so humiliating. (I can't lie and say I injured it some other way because she knows I pick and wouldn't believe me). I'm afraid that if I can't get this under control i'm going to end up institutionalized with gloves and a straight jacket.

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