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imapicker , 16 Nov 2010

Anyone having trouble right now, and want to chat? (Goin through a tough time, and its after 11pm

Anyone wanna talk?
2 Answers
November 16, 2010
I have been having tremendous trouble with picking at my body for the past 30 years. I am 47 and have no control over stopping. It is ruining my life. The amount of shame that I feel is overwhelming; at the same time it temporarily relieves my nervousness and tention. I know that I am OCD, which adds to the compulsive picking. This is the first time that I have searched out a website about Dermatillomania. I didn't realize that so many other people suffer from compulsive picking.
November 16, 2010

In reply to by earthman

hi earth. sorry i wasnt there when it seemed like u wanted 2 talk 2. im 41, and have been picking(mostly face) for over 3 yrs. i have ADD and some ocd however this whole face picking started when i thought i was just popping a zit, but never went away. had biopsy, and 2 staff infections in this one area on my face. the picking continued because i swear i had something more than an unhealing zit. this progressed to tweezing, digging, etc. AND THE PRODUCTS! omg! so i dont know if u read my other post tonite about the homemade aspirin and honey facial mask. (which i found on youtube while searching for info on skinpicking. well i came back from a 24 pharmacy and got the aspirin (noncoated) and honey, and i cannot tell u enough how much of an improvement with just one facial.!!! my skin has never been the greatest. plus i smoke and drink coffee all day... (i know. i know) my face, aside from the open sores i gave myself recently, is the best its looked in i dont know how long..cant believe it. it costs all of $4.00 if u dont have the ingr. at home. My point is, that although it didnt cure the picking, it definately gave me an incentive if it worked this well for first time. If you look at almost every new post on this website, youll see that everyone here just can believe that there is actually a forum and an actual name for this extremely humiliating and intimidating illness we all have here. = have found this website extremely helpful for many reasons. 1. im not alone 2. i can say in great detail where my picking issues are, and no one has ever responded too surprised. in other words, we all just seem to "get it" and understand each other. truthfully, there are more people who do pick, just dont know that there are resources out there. this website has been the best therapy for me so far. keep checkin in, and i guarantee you will find comfort, and a place you can share even your most embarressing experiences. there will be a lot of validation of your feelings, and that starts the healing. i havent bought it yet, but i hear that the book: "forever marked" it is also a documentary believe it or not, and the author suffers from dermatillomania herself. hang in there. i guarantee you will love this website......

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