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imapicker , 16 Nov 2010

i just tried the aspirin/honey mask!!!!

this is by far the most inexpensive and most effective treatment i have used in my 3 years of face picking! u just gotta try it. its all over you tube, but all u do is get 3 noncoated aspirin, dab a drop or 2 of water on each tab. let it sit for bout 5-10 min, then mash it w your fingers. add like a teaspoon or so of honey, and when dissolved, apply to clean wet skin. (face) let dry for bout 20 min then rinse well. youll see and feel a difference immediately, but i also noticed it kept getting even better after my face was rinsed and dried. im generally not a mask person, as nothing really seemed to do too much. someone please try it so you'll see what i mean. it evens out skin tone unbelievably!
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