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roberta , 05 Jul 2008

I really need to know...

Dear all, I've been a compulsive skin picker since I was 14 - seven years now. I pick my back, my face, and my chest. Recently, I've been doing much better: I can now go a whole week without picking and my relapses always last less than a half hour. My skin is most often clear - I no longer feel the urge to wear foundation or to cover my forehead with my hair. However, I can't seem to escape the thought of CSP. What bothers me most is this: if the skin is not pierced, where does all the trapped puss go? I feel that if it is not taken out, then remnants of it must stay within me. This thought is very difficult for me to handle... I would like to know how pimples naturally heal. If anyone could explain it to me, or send me a diagram of the body's response to skin infections, I can't begin to express how grateful i would be. Good luck to all of you in your fight, Roberta

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