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purplebunny , 18 Nov 2010

Does anyone worry that...

Basically, I know that picking is a symptom of underlying issues/problems e.g. OCD, stress, depression. Does anyone else worry that if they can actually manage to stop picking, and heal their skin, their underlying issues will manifest themself in a different way? Does anyone put off stopping picking because of this thought?
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November 18, 2010
That has never occured to me but after picking for so long I sometimes wish I had a different type of problem instead of skin picking. I don't really want another problem to replace my picking but sometimes it crosses my mind when I see people who look perfect and they either smoke or drink alcohol and seem perfectly happy and content with those addictions. I just work every day to cut out every addictive habit out of my life, I haven't drank alcohol in a few years, I never really smoked, quit eating junk food and candy, haven't had soda in forever. I think quitting all these things are important to quitting my skin picking because they're all repetive things with all the addictive sugar and salt added to them. I think quitting these things will also prevent me to developing a new problem after I get over picking because I won't be dependent on any addictive fix.
November 19, 2010
Yes, I worry about this ever since my therapist suggest that could happen. I don't feel like I would personally become a substance abuser, but it's likely that i'd manifest it into pulling out my hair or something instead.
November 23, 2010

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It wouldn't be substance use or drinking or smoking for me. I remember at primary school I used to chew pen lids really badly and stopped because everyone thought it was disgusting. That was before I started picking. Maybe I just need to learn to get rid of my stress in healthy ways to stop picking and avoid starting up some other habit i.e solve the cause of the problem...

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