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weezlebee , 22 Nov 2010

Open / Unhealed Sores for long periods of time

Anyone know if having an open wound for weeks or even months that you pick at and don't allow to heal has any ties to cancer or other problems (besides scarring)?
3 Answers
November 24, 2010
I wish I knew because I've got sores that have not healed in many months. Chronic wounds that even when I leave alone, they don't heal anymore, they're always open. Someone posted here about a woman who did actually pick herself into cancer because repeated trauma to the same area screws up our skin's ability to reproduce healthy cells.
November 24, 2010
Hi Weezlebee, I haven't heard of cancer being brought on by skin picking, I doubt that repeated picking would cause this. The worst that could happen is permanent scarring. Cancer is a result of internal imbalance. As for healing wounds that don't seem to heal, mega doses of vit c is vital 3000mg a day, also B complex vitamins 100mg, and zinc. I have personal experience with taking these supplements & I have good knowledge of vitamins, herbs, minerals etc. Also lots of filtered water and exercise. Feel free to ask me for any more help in this area. Hope this helps you. x

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