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skinpick13years , 24 Nov 2010

Concrete Solutions

I suffered from OCD when I was very young. This turned into facepicking. I know the feeling of being your own worst enemy, of turning someone attractive into something ugly. I am not free of this by any means, but I want to devote this thread to concrete PHYSICAL apparatus that work to prevent this: 1) Gloves (too time consuming to put on every bathroom visit) 2) Caged Mirror, I glued a mirror to the back of a wire drawer you get in those closet organizers and put a piece of plexiglass on top so you couldn't get within twelve inches of your reflection. I took out the other mirrors in the apt. THIS WORKED. 3) New idea. I need help researching. A convex mirror that only comes into focus beyond or at a certain length, so you can't get close to pick at the pores. Please post if you know of such a mirror.
4 Answers
November 24, 2010
Cut your nails way down past the quick and keep them like that.
November 24, 2010
I sometimes prepare an alarm on my mobile phone say five minutes after I enter the bathroom (depending on how much time I need), and leave the phone in another room. If I stay in the bathroom for longer because I start picking the alarm sometimes breaks the spell and prevents me from going back and keep picking. Changing the light bulbs with ones that give less light has also helps me. Strong light makes it easier to spot otherwise unvisible spots and blemishes. This is why I hate fitting rooms and therefor hate shopping (well that's not too inconvinient I guess ;-)
November 28, 2010
you are definitely on the right track!!! congratulations for making such big steps! i just took down my bathroom mirror a couple days ago.. and it is fully irritating! haha but that thing is not going back up any time soon! you are a genius! the focusing mirror is an amazing idea! i don't know of any but if you make it, i would be overjoyed to be your first customer =)
December 07, 2010
Right on. I have found convex mirrors that make your image only focused at a certain length. However, for consumers these seem to be mostly makeup mirrors (which would be horrible to have). I am trying to find something that doesn't magnify and actually focuses at a distance but no luck yet. Anyone have any ideas? I hate the look of a caged mirror : ( -not as bad as a picked face though.

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