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caitylovescoffee , 28 Nov 2010

Picking and Social Anxiety?

Do these two go together for anyone else? I couldn't even begin to tell you why I think I have social anxiety. I have friends whom I love dearly, and really like to go out and be with people. On the surface I'm a successful person, and some would say bordering on being a "goody girl." But when I get home at the end of a social event, I still find myself picking at my skin for nearly an hour, usually at the acne on my back, chest, and shoulders. When the acne head comes out, or I see a little blood, I feel clean and free. It's as if I'm literally pushing the stress, doubt, insecurity, and loneliness out of me. At times I don't even know how to perceive myself. I'm a happy person, and I love my faith, family, friends, school, and work so much. But at the same time, always underneath all that, I feel lonely. I've been like this since I was 14, and I'm 21 now. What gives?
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November 28, 2010
I sometimes think part of the reason I pick is to "protect" myself from the world. If I'm stressed out about some sort of event or party, I pick. It keeps me feeling insecure, so I don't go out of my way to make new friends or be "the life of the party," and maybe in that manner it keeps me from being rejected or getting hurt. Kind of like a viscous cycle, right? Heres a great example: A few weeks ago I really hit it off with a guy, we talked all evening, and I wound up giving him my number. So after I got home that night I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what it was exactly that he saw. Then I tried to "correct" a few facial flaws and by the time I was done.... I had raw patches everywhere. my face was red,blotchy, and swollen with a few oozy patches. when I saw myself in the mirror I thought, "no, i'm not beautiful. He was just a nice guy trying to make an ugly girl feel a little better about herself." Then I started feeling humiliated that I was so willing to believe his "lies," and how pathetic he must have thought I was. So when he called the next day I didn't answer, and I never called him back. Hows that for social anxiety? I do it all the time. Especially when I'm about to enter a new situation, like the first day of school or a new job.
November 29, 2010

In reply to by hatesherface

I'm sorry to hear that, but thank you for sharing your side. I hate that the picking is the only thing that makes me feel better; almost like purging. And while it does feel good, I know it's not doing anything or getting me anywhere. I'm very sorry about that experience with the guy. That's frustrating, to say the least.

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