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Jenners , 03 Dec 2010

New to this site - please help

Hello. I'm not really sure what to say, except that I need help. I feel so disgusted even admitting this, but I pick the skin off the bottom of my right foot and eat it. I don't know why I do. It's gross. My husband is the only person who knows ALL about it. My family just thinks I pick it off, but they don't know that I eat it as well. I feel like I would die if anyone else in my life knew this. Lately it's getting worse. I would always pick down to the sensitive layers, sometimes it would bleed, but I would let it heal up over the next few days or week and then start again. I sit and obsessively think about how long it will take for my foot to heal just enough so I can start picking again. Now I'm not even waiting for it to heal completely. I hobble around on my foot and sometimes can't walk on it at all. My husband says I need help. I have a psychologist that I just starting seeing and few months ago. My husband thinks I should tell her about it - the eating part too. How do you get help for this? Can you really ever stop? I'm ashamed yet get some kind of pleasure out of it. Even when it gets to the point where I know it's going to hurt, I say to myself, "Just this one little piece, then I'll stop." But I never do, until my foot starts bleeding. I only do it to my right foot. Sometimes I'll pick at the ball on my left foot, but the left is much more smoother and I can't get the layers I want. Please help me. Am I sick? Am I just weird?
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December 04, 2010
Cindy Darkheart I used to do that when I was in my early 20s. Now I am 49 and have moved on to other parts of my body. I remember hobbling at work and saying that I had sprained my ankle or broke my toe... I can't tell you how to stop because my therapy has always been about depression. The skin thing has just gotten severe during the last two years. All I can say is you are not alone if that helps-and please tell your psychologist...I am new here too and thank God that I found this site.........Best.......Cindy
December 04, 2010

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Hi Cindy, This probably sounds gross, but in the past I have picked a blister on my foot and ate the skin. Anyway, your compulsion sounds really severe to the point that you can't walk on your foot--I think I would agree with your husband about seeing a therapist who specializes in obessive compulsive behaviors because they can help you learn more healthy coping skills to use for your anxiety instead of self harm, ok ???
December 09, 2010

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Hi Cindy, I'm going to be 61 on Monday. I've picked for over 50 years, and the worst time was when I started going through menopause. I have a huge scar as a constant reminder of how bad things got. I haven't stopped but thought maybe the info about menopause might help, now I'm thinking that my hormone imbalance made it worse. Right now the stress of the holidays is taking its toll. Thanks for the post, JJ
December 08, 2010
Thanks guys. I talked to my therapist and she said it's a nervous condition. She wants me to start doing a hobby with my hands, like knitting or crocheting. The thing is, I'm not sure if it will help but I'm willing to give it a try. I get an enjoyment out of picking the skin on my foot. it's like it's dead skin, not supposed to be there, and I feel as if I accomplish something by tearing off the skin. Thanks for the comments and support. I'm just glad I'm not the only one out there that does this.
December 18, 2010

In reply to by Jenners

i crochet. it helps keep my hands busy. try not picking for a month, instead rub lotion on your foot then put on socks. thats how i quit my skin picking on my feet (now its on to allll the other areas on my body!) and once your feet heal, find some way to show them off, whether whena t a friends house sitting on the floor in your bare feet playing with your kids or whatever, you'll feel VERY accomplished then. and when you finish a hat, scarf, blanket, etc. you'll also be loving yourself. promise.

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