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Shatterproof , 11 Dec 2010

Self Harm/Injury

Hi *waves whilst grinning like a maniac* I'm new here, so I hope you guys don't mind me getting 'stuck in' as it were and posting. Anyways what was I gonna say? Oh yeah! So, I've been a picker since I was 11, I'm 16 now, so that 5 years (wow go me I can count!) I would call my level of picking completely obsessive and compulsive. It completely dominates my life and I have absolutely no control over it. I am also a self harmer. I mean this in the sense that I cut myself, I have done since around the same time I started picking. At least I did, but I've been cut free for one whole year now, which is great! But I was just wondering if anyone here self harms (cuts, burns, punches) I think the 'actual' term is deliberate self harm. And also, I wanted to ask, why could I give that up, but I can't stop picking. For me, my cutting wasn't at all compulsive, not in the sense that my picking is. I didn't feel HAD to cut, more like I needed to, sometimes even that I wanted to. I know this isn't the case for all harmers, but I could always control my cutting. I knew when to stop, when I was going to far or too deep. But I just don't have that awareness when it comes to my picking. Ah God. This is getting kinda long, and not to mention a tad confusing. But I hope I made some sense. Even the merest smidgen will suffice. I don't really know what I hope to accomplish by posting this, just input I suppose. Thanks :)
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December 12, 2010
Hey! I'm sixteen and have been struggling with picking for about 4 years and it has gotten to a really bad point. I also self-harm, though I wouldn't call myself a "cutter". What I do is more like scratching(usually with a safety pin) just until a mark has been made or I've drawn a little blood. Anyway, I think it's really interesting how similar we are! If you want to talk more and are comfortable, feel free to email me at :)

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