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Syds27 , 13 Dec 2010

Its ruining my life..please help me.

I've had OCD since I was five and have gone through many different stages of it but nothing is as strong as my picking compulsion. It's always on my face.. Once I start I literally have no way of stopping for hours. I have a good life, Im not sure why I do it. It's usually if I'm really stressed out or bored.. But sometimes it's even when I'm really excited about something. It's affecting my school work and u am often missing school because of it. I'm open about my problem. My family and many friends know I pick yet it gives me no desire to stop. I have a therapist and I know cbt very well but it's not helping. I've tried covering up the mirrors, making charts, putting up signs, rewarding myself for not picking, reading books about it... I'm out of ideas. I want to stop. Please help me.. Please
4 Answers
January 17, 2011
Hi Syds27. I'm sorry your CSP is causing you so much suffering. I've had CSP for 23 years and have suffered a lot too. I tried CBT and it didn't work for me either. I found my current therapist on this site under "treatment" and she specializes in CSP. Treating CSP is not a quick fix, it may take years to get it under control, so find a good therapist and hang in there!
January 17, 2011
I have been picking my face for years and cannot stop or at least do not know how. At least I have made the first step to recognize my behavior. But where do I go from here?
January 18, 2011
Hey, Ive definitely felt like its ruining my life at times too! I think youre right to read up on it, thats one thing thats helped me a lot. There are some facts Ive learned that have made it easier for me to understand. Like, the whole bored/anxious thing you mentioned... I pick during times of stress and when Im bored too, and its always confused me. They seem like opposites, so I didnt get it. I read somewhere(probably on this forum) that some pple in the research/therapy community think picking is linked to impulse control disorder. You for some reason can't regulate(I forget the nuts and bolts chemistry/psychology as to why you can't but Im sure you could find it) So when youre up you need help to come down and vice versa. You self-regulate, and although youre doing it in an unhealthy way, you're really just trying to bring yourself back into balance. Learning that helped me accept myself better bc it reminds me Im just trying to survive/come back in balance most of the time, I just dont have good coping skills. Anyway, you may already know this, I just thought I could pass it along. Like someone else said, hang in there! I have been actively battling picking for 2plus years now and Ive had ups and downs, but I have made progress. Im sure if you keep doing all you can you will find some relief eventually

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