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peytonhall , 19 Jul 2008

will my children take on this habit...i feel that one daughter pinches her fat all day and gives her self sores

my oldest daughter has been pinching herself for years causing sores that end up looking like cigarette burns...she just pinches her inner thighes and arms for years...not much on her youngest daughter is stressed from my picking and says peple will think i a m a meth is terrible for everyone...
1 Answer
July 21, 2008
All I can say from the standpoint of a teen that picks is don't undermine the severity of her problem. At the same time, don't make it something overly dramatic... My mother yells at me every time I pick, and tells me I'm annoying. When I go to her for help on the matter, she tells me I'm being dramatic and I just have to stop picking. It's not that easy. She hates what she's doing just as much (if not more) than you do. Take comfort in the fact that she isn't intentionally harming herself, and remember that she just can't seem to stop it on her own. She obviously doesn't like what is happening. She needs your help. Tell her you want to help her and set up an appointment with her regular doctor. Your regular physician should give you a better idea of where to go with the situation. And do not, under any circumstances, let her doctor tell you there's nothing he/she can do. She's your daughter, you know she is struggling with this, and you should do everything in your power to help her get better. I've been to entirely too many doctors who have no knowledge in the area of psychology simply send me away because they don't know enough about the situation.

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