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RavenLunatic , 14 Dec 2010

How Does Knowing what "trauma" caused our problem help us to stop??

Not to be negative or anything, but honestly, HOW does knowing what specific traumatic event, that started this horrific cycle, actually help us to stop this behaviour?? I know exactly what mine were, as there were several, increasing in mental trauma, that lead to this self injury. So, okay, I'm well aware of it and in my opinion have dealt with it as much as is humanly possible. I don't see how sitting down with a therapist, week in and week out, rehashing, what I myself already know and have gone over in my head a 1000 times, is going to help me stop. The only thing I see is that it will break the bank. I've talked it out, I've moved on and I know that I'm a little bit broken by it, but the pieces are all still here and I've put them back together well enough to enjoy lifes blessings. It's this last rotten piece that won't fit right, that and the fact that my skin is in constant turmoil even if I do leave it alone. Yes, it looks 10 times better than when I pick at it, but I still have very problematic skin issues without the picking. I think it's B.S that constantly talking about past trauma's will heal us, maybe in the beginning it's good for a person to unload, tell his/her story but then you have to put it away & move on. If you constantly bring it up it will never heal, the old wound just gets ripped open over and over mentally. I think we can all relate because that's what we do to our bodies physically and we never manage to leave them the hell alone. We just rip it open day after day until it's this colassal, disgusting mess. So far I've never read of one person that was "cured" by therapy, it may work for a small percentage but that just doesn't cut it IMO. I was depressed for DECADES, I'm 47 now, I was on Depakote for 18 months and Prozac for 9 years, I allowed the Doctor to pump me full of all kinds of other drugs as well. Guess what? I got worse, much worse and just wanted to die. Then, on a somewhat better day I got really pissed, enraged, that my life was going down the drain. I did some research and found that most of these drugs cause alot more harm than good and that FOOD, yes FOOD can make you better, healthy even!! I'd eaten the most horrible diet and did a complete about face, I eat organic now. NOT Organic Packaged foods, but Organic Fruits, Vegetables and grassfed/organic meat and eggs. I weaned myself off the Prozac and other drugs as well. I also flipped off the doctors, they were killing me. I took control of MY LIFE, MY HEALTH and now I am taking control of this skin picking issue. I am stronger than this, I'll have bad days, I'll have moments of weakness but I'm gonna kick it's a&&, I'm not giving in. Stay strong friends, do whatever you need for yourself until you can get to that point. My point about food though is this, Americans have the worst diet, sodas, chemical laden packaged foods, pesticide and herbicide sprayed fruits/vegetables, sickly, abused, factory farmed animals, salmonella eggs, poisoned water (think jet fuel, chlorine, fluoride, MTBE, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on), and to top it off GMO's. No wonder we have so many problems mentally and physically, but you can be healthy again it just takes a long time to get there. I also use nutritional supplements, take organic vitamins, especially NAC, 1200mg everyday DOES help to curb the picking. You have to give it time, like 6 weeks and you have to take it EVERY day, it's not a miracle but it does help. Sorry it's so long but I haven't been on here in almost a year, just wanted to share, things have improved by doing what I've done. Good luck and God Bless you all.

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