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Awesomeness , 17 Dec 2010

i feel like nobody gets me..

So im in high school and there are many hot guys there but there are pretty girls there as well.. im envious.. i feel like i will never be as pretty as them.. i always think boys like me but im in denial.. they dont even really pay attention.. every single day i think of ways that will make me stand out in a hot way and nothing seems to work.. just like many people have said on here.. i also have picking sessions that go on for hours and i dont even pay attention to what i am doing.. this has been going on since i was 3.. i still have old scars on my body since that age and every day more and more appear.. i always tell my self i can stop at anytime.. but while i have the opportunity.. i give up and continue.. ive told my mother.. my father.. my best friend.. and a therapist about this issue.. and nothing works.. everyone besides my therapist just says STOP.. but they dont understand and they wont unless they go through this.. im glad i found this website because i can actually relate to everyone.. right now im not in a good mood though because one of my friends said he was going to start calling me cheetah because of my spots.. when i was younger.. i made a statement about myself like just like this.. i also called myself scarface.. i dont know whether i find this depressingly ironic or coincidental but.. i just want to stop..
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December 17, 2010
I know exactly how you feel, and unfortunately you're right from my experiences, no one will understand unless they go through this themselves. I'm probably around your age. I'm 18 and actually dropped out in my senior year last winter due to this problem. I really hope you don't let yourself make that same mistake. When you add feeling like a failure into the equation, it lowers your self-esteem to a whole new level.
December 17, 2010
im 17 and when i joined my first high school i was badly bullied (i think this was why i started picking, stress, anxiety etc) but a girl in my class spotted me picking one day and spreaded it to everyone. the bullying got a lot worse and eventually i moved because i was so depressed i started self harming all the time. i also have exzema so that made thing look worse. now ive moved to a much nicer school where i am a thousand times happier but i still pick and i want to stop more than ever so people dont catch on again! any advice,,, im desparate??

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