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applegirl , 20 Dec 2010

new bumps and acne

im working on no longer picking. right now i generally can handle no longer picking my scabs and if picking a spot stopping before blood or fluid comes out, which has made a big improvement. my problem is, how do you avoid picking at new bumps or acne that forms? i find i cant stop touching it. and that causes me to touch all the scabs and dry spots, which almost leads to picking. i still love to pop pimples and squeeze out the white stuff. advice?
2 Answers
December 21, 2010
try putting ointment on them. It feels gross and can maybe keep you from touching them. And it's clear!
December 22, 2010
Hi Girl, So though this may sound a little strange, it is something I have been doing for a while now to try to stop my urges and although I look weird at home now when I do this, my boyfriend has gotten use to it. So raw honey is a very powerful superfood that has many antibacterial properties that will help clear the skin and calm down inflammation. I have been challenging myself to not pick as well, and when I feel the urge after I wash my face at night I immediately put on a honey mask. Yes it is sticky, yes it does look a little funny, but it has made my skin look so different and after I wash it off before bed, it takes a lot of your focus off of your face. And- you can't touch honey without getting sticky fingers! I have a raw manuka honey that is very medicinal and I just put a thin layer on almost everyday and it helps me a lot when I feel like picking and touching my skin all the time. I love picking too, but I have compulsively done it now for over ten years, and my mind and skin can't take it anymore, so I am right in the same boat as you. I feel for how you're feeling right now. Believe in yourself, you can do it.

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