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bcs123 , 31 Dec 2010

Red lighting helps to stop picking!

I noticed I do most of my picking in the bathroom, so I changed the lights in there to red bulbs. You literally cannot see blemishes with the red lights on and it has helped me so much to do less picking. You can buy red bulbs at most grocery stores, or at home supply stores like Home Depot. I hope this will help others as much as it's helped me.
2 Answers
December 31, 2010
I would do this if it weren't for the fact that other people live with me and use the same bathroom, but thanks for the info. I do notice that my obsession does change with the type of mirror, lighting, and the color of the walls in the bathroom. If I can talk my boyfriend into it, maybe I'll try this.
January 06, 2011
Well, unfortunately I don't need to see bumps to pick/scratch them. In fact, I mostly pick at the skin of the body parts that I can't see (head, back of my neck). God, how I wish there was a quick and easy way to stop that.

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