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Sunday , 02 Jan 2011

New to site: just want to share some info on whats helping me (long post)

---Quick background info, I'm 22 , and I've been skin picking since about early elementary school after a case of the chicken pox. I haven't had really any trauma in my life, but anxiety disorders do run in my family (myself included) which may explain skin picking as a result of it. ----I could go all day about how down I get over it but I'm not going to because that wouldn't help anyone. As a side note, I have gone ONE whole day of not picking, as off Jan 1 2011!!! It's bringing up a lot of emotions, and some funky "withdrawal-like" symptoms of feeling like my skin is itchy all of a sudden.. but I know to stick through it, and you can as well. ----- I've just recently started cognitive behavioral therapy at Boston University via their CARD program, which deals with anxiety as well as recognizes impulse control disorders such as skin picking. ***Pros: excellent environment, allows you to have a better vision of how thoughts and habits are working together, and thorough results in figuring out whats going on. Cons: costly, does have a sliding scale if you qualify but still is pricey, and long interview process. ---------Temporary tattoos: I'm not sure why, but the act of wanting to preserve the neat tattoo seems to outweigh me wanting to scratch the area. When my urges get bad I just slap on another tattoo. I do not recommend getting a real tattoo, I know I can't or I''ll ruin it while it tries to heal. Plus, seeing as how I wear long sleeves and pants all the time, I don't have to worry about where I put it or what it is... it's somewhat fun. ---------Scrubs: This I'd caution, only because it can do some damage if the scrub is too harsh on the skin, but I find the sensation is similar. If you get a mild scrub that dissolves quickly on the skin that should be better. I have to be careful with using scrubs myself since I will intentionally go over certain spots continuously. -------Using my hands for other things: ie// typing, art, video game, reading a book, writing. Or my therapist has instructed me that when I'm doing an activity that does not involve hands, just sit on them. ------Lastly, keep track: Writing down when, where, and what emotions I have when either feeling the urge or giving in to the urge helps give me a reality check and allows to me to try and figure out what I can do. -----So.. I'll wrap up by saying, I do understand that not the same solutions work for everyone so of course take my opinions with a grain of salt. At least I hope you'll have an idea of some different approaches. This is a process, and to fight the battle is tough, yet very rewarding. Please let me know what you think, or any tips that you have. Thank you and Happy New Year to all

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