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Juby101 , 03 Jan 2011

Can You Relate?

I'm new this is my first post- And I just have to stay becoming a teenager is very different then being a... kid. Your parents might exspect more out of you, and your body is changing. Theirs so many emotions going though you... I'm 14 and I strugle alot in my life. I have alot of symptoms, and I wish I could change. I always pick at my skin, and the sad part is I know I will scar and that i'm making thing worse. I try to tell my self to stop, but the thing is I can't :( I feel like some one is taking over my body and controling my actions. I.. feel like im blocked out of my body. I'm known as the " GIRL THAT WORRYS" well it true because I do alot. I have a hard time having fun with the people that love me. And I can see the way they look at me, with sadness. I have been through some much lately and Its to much. Picking and pluck my self seems to LET GO of my stress. It feels good for some reason. My school days are the same almost every day. I go to school come back home go to the bathroom or bedroom, take out my twesser and start plucking eyebrows my legs and upper lips. I feel like i'm doing some thing that is making me a pretty little girl, but in the real world its hurting me every day. I pick and pluck until its dinner time, and then go back to pick and pluck my self until bed time. I then feel very upset at my self because i have to do home work. I stay up for hours trying to get it done. I wake up feeling very tired and sad.I slowly get ready for school and when I go to the bathroom to put on make-up on I take out the twessers and pluck some more. I'm late for school most of the time and hurt. The thing i fear the most would have to be my out of school activites. I'm a cheerleader and a Top (the girl thats in the air) and almost all the girls are all about fashion and they ignore you if your not as "cool" as them or pretty. Being a top they exspect you to wear shorts to practice... my legs... I couldn't let them see me legs their all scared so i wear pants I would complane that it was to cold. The girls think im weird, but they don't understand me. Can you relate???

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