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nessasmaxin , 04 Jan 2011


Hello all, I'm sorta new here, so i thought i would post. I have been skin picking since i was 17 and I am 24 now. Very compulsive at it. I'd like to think I have gotten better with the help of my husband and not doing drugs anymore. Drugs were how I started. When I took meth i used to think i would see black meth spots on my skin and i started picking. I did the drugs for a few years and so the habit is inbedded in me now. I can't stop. I have seen a counselor who didn't even know what it was until i explained it to him, but he said it was compulsive. He thinks that it might now be related to stress and I should try and recognize it and relax. I just hate it, I hate it, so embarrased by it. My husband gets so mad at me for doing it. I wish he could understand its not that easy to stop. I can't even touch my face or back or anything not even to scratch around him(even though i always sneak it as much as possible) My hubby thinks if i stop touching my skin all together, no picking, no scratching, no rubbing, nothing then i will be able to stop. My husband would give anything for me to stop and so would I. I am going to try the 21 day challenge, and wear gloves. I know I'll be uncomfortable in the gloves but I will have my husband to support me, and the hopefully the thought of clear skin and no more picking will be my motivation. I don't seem to pick when I am really relaxed. If I don't look at my skin it seems easier. The only hard part is i seem to pick at work and I use a computer daily so I really hope that the gloves can stay on. They are the small kind so heres hoping. my mail is nessasmaxin at the g m ail. I would like someone who is very similar that we can motivate eachother and help eachother. Thanks

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