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123321 , 05 Jan 2011

Day one of trying to stop facial picking

I've realized for a while ago that i have a serious face picking problem but I haven't realized till recently that a lot of people suffer from a similar disorder, I've never gone more than a day without picking for hours at every possible minuscule pore on my face and end up destroying my face to the point where i can't even look at myself and won't leave my room all night until I smother my face with cover up trying to mask the damage I've done. I really want to stop, I've covered the mirror i normally pick at with a calender and starting at this moment am going to try to stop and beat this terrible addiction. If anyone has any useful advice to stop and resist the temptation let me know. I think everyone has the will power to stop without seeing a therapist or seeking professional help if they realize the mutilation they are doing to themselves.
7 Answers
January 05, 2011
I to am a compulsive face picker, and back. Today I am making the same step as you and trying to quit. I was going to try gloves but I forgot them. I like your idea of covering the mirror. I used to go into my bathroom stall at work that had the mirror in it but i am trying to go to the stalls without a mirror so i don't even look. You could just try avoiding mirrors all together. Or if you can when you get ready in the morning stand far enough back you can't see the pores but just enough that you can see yourself to do your hair and such. I didn't realize there were others until I came here. and I am certainly not paying 180 for a 45 min session on here with the dr. I do see a counselor locally but even he didn't know of this disease. You can do it. I can do it. We all can do it. just have to be strong. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago and this is harder than that was. Theres no special pill for dermatillomania. We have ourselves and God. I trust he will help us. Good luck!
January 05, 2011

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So i've come home and haven't picked yet, but honestly its all I want to do. I've taken down a mirror and I liked your idea of standing far back enough not to see your pores I've been trying to do the same thing. Good luck to you too!
January 06, 2011

In reply to by 123321

today is day 6 of me not picking my face, which is the longest i've gone in a very long time. it's sort of a new years resolution, but im really hoping its sustainable this time. i cant tell you how many times ive tried to stop and then just go back to picking. ive tried gloves, fake nails, covering my mirror with pictures, etc. these ideas are all helpful but you really have to stick with it. what used to help me the most was keeping a calendar and marking all the days in a row i had gone without picking. right now, i dont have any real schemes, just using a ton of will power, trying to keep myself busy and avoiding mirrors as much as possible. using moisturizer has helped me too, because its a way to touch my face and try to make it look better instead of picking. as messed up as i feel that i look now, i just keep reminding myself how much better i will look in a couple weeks when its all healed and im not picking. positive thinking! good luck to everyone, it is a very hard thing to break and any day gone without picking is an accomplishment. i agree that it seems to be even harder than quitting cigarettes, though both become routine and part of your life. i really think its possible to break this. we have to share progress and help each other.
January 06, 2011
Well - I am a face picker and so glad that I have finally come to realise it and admit it. I feel like an alcoholic admitting to the fact. I am 53 and have been picking me face for as long as I can remember - from a young teenager - always blaming my red spots or sores to the food I eat such as sweet things, coffee, chocolate, wine etc. All of which I have stopped or learnt not to have often. The desire went away quickly with these items so i know the desire to pick will eventually go away. But when? I want it now! As I am getting older, the skin is not as young therefore harder to heal. I am so so tried of trying to stop. But I will beat this addition. I do try but when I feel roughness on my face - there I go again. Pick, pick, pick. I have tried everything, bought all sorts of products, seen doctors, been prayed over - you name it I have tried it For some reason, I got online and typed in 'face picking' and hello here I am. So glad I found this site. I know I pick my face under stress and have to recognised the trigger. Good luck to you all out there.
January 13, 2011
I stopped picking my face for a while now the trick is not to think about it and don't touch your facial skin at all. When your face is clear you will not have anything to pick at....My face is clear now but it used to be thee only place I picked I was always scared up I looked horrible . I couldn't belive I did that to myself and for years.. I feel so bad ..I wish you luck once you conquer this you'll feel like you can do anything
January 15, 2011
im just curious of your age and gender? not that it matters.....i have the same problem. it torments me to a paralyzing degree. i'm female- 43- started about 5 years ago. i'm also an addict and the stimulants have exasperated it badly. it is soooo messing with my head.....
January 16, 2011
I haven't picked my face very much in a few days now. I tried putting band-aids on my fingers at first and that helped, I went a whole day with no picking at all with them on, but it made it hard to do some stuff at my job. So I decided to just file my nails down as short as I could. It doesn't totally stop the picking, but it has cut it down by less than half. The only reason I still pick is because I didn't throw out my tweezers which is something you should do if you can along with whatever else you pick with.

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