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Shorty999 , 05 Jan 2011

How to make scabs feel better?

Does anybody know how to make the scabs feel softer or better...that is my trigger is how the scabs feel, then I start picking.
2 Answers
January 06, 2011
Maybe putting neosporin on them or something? it wears off quickly, but I put it on my scabs to try and stop me from picking. It might also help to put band aids on them since it keep moisture in and softens scabs. That's something I've decided to try as well as putting band aids on my pointer finger and thumb right over the nail since those are the two fingers I pick with the most. I did the finger thing the other day, and it was more a reminder not to pick than something that prevented it, but it really seemed to help. I didn't pick for about the 3-4 hours they were on.
January 07, 2011
This might sound weird, but I have found Vaseline to be very soothing on scabs and scars. When I use Vaseline on sore, red patches they heal faster and I'm less inclined to pick at them. Hope this helps!

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