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chapstick , 30 Jul 2008


i didnt see anything abouth lip picking in here and idk i rly like doing its rly fun and it makes me obssesed with chpastick 21 ive done it since i was a little girl and i go through phases when i stop but right now its pretty bad and its like because its on your body you cant get away from it lol. my cousin actually does a little too but she picks at her eyebrow mostly i dont understand that lol. i was really suprised to find that other people were into it too lol actually yeah i dont know i cant stop and now that im 21 ive realized its more than just a bad habit its like a need and im not sure what anyone else has done to try and stop but there like not much you can do besides stop lol so if anyone else has any lip picking and chapstick abuse issues and has any advice that would be awsome:)
3 Answers
July 30, 2008
Hi that sounds exactly like me. Im 22 and iv picked my lips since i was a kid. i am also addicted to vaseline for my poor lips, i se it about 20 times a day and panic if i cant find it. i also chew the inside or my cheek when my lips are too sore theres only such much of the year you can get away with saying their cracked from the cold its nice to see other people with the same issues
July 30, 2008
Hi.... it took me along time an some years but my husband finally convinced me i have a problem im a lip picker an a finger picker.It is starting to affect my marriage i have to stop this an i have no clue how .. im in the process of getting a dr apt but i dont even know what to say to them .... i always pick til it bleed an then still sometimes keep going i am glad to know im not alone
January 08, 2009
Thank goodness someone else picks their lips. I also bite the inside of my cheeks (though I haven't done it in a while. I am almost 29 and I've been picking since I was 12. Just a few years ago I made the connection of why i do it. My parents divorced when I was 12, though things were bad before that. anyway, I realized that my past had a lot to do with my present behavior. I'm in the same boat as u. I try to stop, but it's an almost unconscious behavior. I have to carry chapstick (more than one kind) with me at all times. I've been considering going to counceling, but I feel like the doctor's office that I go to would dismiss my issues. I guess I don't have any words of wisdom, just the reality that you are not alone, and there are probably deeper issues behind the picking

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