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essexnat , 08 Jan 2011


Hiya I am Nat, 31 year old married mum of 4. I have picked scabs for as long as I can remember. I never thought it was a problem. About 3 years ago I started picking and pulling out my toenails, until I had no toenails. I was put on Paraxotine, CBT counselling and gradually I managed to stop. However about 3 months ago I started again......... but only my left foot so far. 1st it was just my big toe nail, then 1 by 1 - I am missing 4 nails now. It doesn't hurt when I am pulling/picking but about an hour later its agony. I do it in private, hide my tools etc I just had false nails put on my fingers which stops me picking but I still have my tweezers, needles and scissors.......... just the thought of getting rid of them send me into anxiety! Only close friends know and I am so worried about when summer time comes round again :o( I hate it but can't stop. I just found out that it has a name, which makes me feel and bit better knowing it is others out there who know what it is all about. Feel free to contact me

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