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wolfandthefox , 09 Jan 2011

Day 3 of not picking

i think i can count this as day 3 i did squeeze a spot on my chin that had a huge white head but i just got rid of the gunk i didnt do what i usually do which is keep squeezing untill it bleeds and then move on to the next blemish i stopped looked away from the mirror and distracted myself. the thing that is really killing me at the moment is all of the little wounds i have created have started to scab over on my chest and back so they are really raised and i can really feel them which makes me want to scratch them even more they look so imperfect and gross but i am trying to keep myself distracted! tomorrow i will buy wool so i can start knitting while i watch tv because that is one of my worst picking times. what is it that makes you suddenly want to start picking again after you have stopped a couple of days?
5 Answers
January 09, 2011
I have to agree with is the skin that starts to get rough and scabby after a couple days of not picking that does me in. Keep up the good work though...remember it is bad for you and only gets worse if we give in...we can live life without picing...right? It won't be the end of the world and life will go on...right? Atleast thats what Im trying to tell Actually, what has helped me lately is that my boyfriend threw out all of my So, instead of picking, Ive just been slapping the moisturizers, Vit E oil etc on the scabs or put a bandaid on them. Good luck!
January 09, 2011

In reply to by Shorty999

i picked a little, i took the scabs off but nothing bled and i stopped so i guess it is just baby steps i dont have any tools really except maybe my tweezers :/ i have rubbed lotion on now so the scabs arent as rough.
January 10, 2011

In reply to by wolfandthefox

Hi wolfandthefox, i sent you an email! I have also had to ask myself the question about how to define "quit"--like, can i still squeeze a whitehead if it's really gross and it would be rude to walk around with it on my face? The answer for me is no. I can't, it will just re-activate the habit for me. For me, there is no "healthy" way to pick, and i'm going to have to live the rest of my life without the privilege that most normal people have of being able to pick "once in a while". ?But that's ok, i can live with that! But most things that show up on my face are firstly, not as noticeable as i think they are (i have perfect eyesight and i'm used to really focusing in on my skin in a way that most people really dont), and secondly they REALLY WILL go away if i leave them alone, even though all my instincts tell me they won't and i have to take matters into my own hands. Of course, an excellent skin care regimen is crucial to getting my skin to be as calm as possible so i'm battling myself over as few blemishes as possible. I'm using ProActiv and it really works for me! But if i have a zit that is reeeeally ugly, and i can't stand the idea of walking around with it on my face, i am still going to restrict the ways that i can "take care" of it: 1) first choice, get someone else to do it. Go get a facial, or ask my boyfriend or sister to do it. Don't watch in the mirror, just close my eyes and let them get it out. Try to forget about it ASAP afterwards. 2) second choice, do it myself, but not in the normal way i would pick. I normally use my nails to pick, it's the most satisfying. Less satisfying for me would be to use a pin to puncture the whitehead, then squeeze the top out with my finger pads. So that's what I'll do if i can't get someone else to do it. If i allow myself the idea that i can pick only when it's "reasonable", that just leaves a gaping loophole for my habit--which is so tricky and good at rationalizing itself--to take over again. So, I'm aiming for 0% picking for the next 7days. Wish me luck!
jelly baby
January 09, 2011
Hi wolfandthefox. I have a similar problem and have tried to stop many many times before. Usually i make it a few days or even a week and then i get a couple of big spots that i just cant help but pick. I tell myself ill just take the gunk out, but once i start i keep going till i make a massive scab that looks much worse than the spot ever did and its v sore and hard to cover. Anyway, i really want to stop, but not jusy for a few days at a time. Im hoping that posting on here and meeting people with similar issues will help me stay focused.hopefully we can all help each other. Good luck!!
January 09, 2011

In reply to by jelly baby

i semi picked today but i am really trying not to let it get me down, im holding on to the fact that once i took of the outer scabs i stopped and i didn't let anything bleed so i am seeing it as a small step forward because usually i would pick and poke and make everything bleed so baby steps and lots of distracting!

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